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traveling the world working in advertising, commercial fashion, print and television, laura has worked with world-renowned photographers such as; bruce weber, richard phibbs, norman jean Roy, brian higbee, and many more throughout her career. laura's 20+ years designing and decorating sets for global campaigns lead her to the next phase in life.....home design and staging.


laura excels in her people skills, and organizational qualities, along with managing and coordinating small and large-scale projects. 



Laura's home staging company, minimal in design, llc, is geared to help homeowners sell their homes for top dollar in the competitive realty market. hiring a good designer/stager to prep a home before it goes on the market can help the home sell for a lot more than an un-staged home..... and that's a huge return when it's all said and done. 


laura and the MID team take a lot of thought and care with each home so it has the absolute best resale potential.  One of the attributes of laura and the MID team's designs, is to take much consideration to detail, along with the quality of staging articles presented in the home to ensure the best presentation.


this is more than a business for laura, it's a passion, and with that said, It's important to take time with every project and make it beautiful!


spending the last 20+ years in set design for global advertising photoshoots, it was a natural and easy transition to include home staging and home design to laura's expertise.


Depending on the style and location of the home, laura will design accordingly, being a minimal modern aesthetic, to a cozy lived-in feel, boho chic, and/or a beautiful blend of all.  


laura and the MID team are very reliable and organized with every project and have wonderful relationships with all the lovely real estate agents and developers in town. No matter what happens, we will get your home staged on schedule... We take much pride in our efficiency and professionalism. 


as minimal in design home staging launched a few years ago and is making its mark in the bay area, so is laura's home design business. please feel free to reach out if you are in need of assistance making your home beautiful and functional. We will assist in whatever you are looking for be it, new furniture purchases / new lighting /  new interior + exterior paint / wallpaper / tile / flooring / bathroom and kitchen upgrades.  We would love to help! And of course, we would love to stage your home when the time comes to put it on the market... We are here for you! 

With much gratitude... The MID Team  




laura howett


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